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Should You Tip Limo Drivers?

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A lot of people often wonder how much they should be tipping limo drivers in Toronto. There are so many different opinions how it should be done with some saying they should be tipped between 15%-20%. But this still remains a personal decision. The decision that you make on how much to tip him should be a personal one and it should also be discreet. If you have gotten very good services from the limo driver then you should tip him according to that and vice versa.

Before thinking of how much you should give the driver there are some things that you are required to check first. The first thing that you should consider is if the driver was on time when he came to pick you up. The limo should not only be on time but he should be waiting for you when you arrive or arrive a few minutes earlier when he is picking you up. This will help with keeping time and to avoid any delays and reaching where you are going late. The second thing that you should consider before thinking about tipping limo drivers is if he was courteous. A good limo driver should make you feel special and not like you are wasting his time. He should also be able to treat you like his guest and always be at your service.

The other thing that you should consider before thinking about tipping Toronto limo drivers is if the driver has a likeable personality. Was he able to engage you in a good conversation or did he not even greet you when he was picking you up? You should be able to feel comfortable with the driver how is driving you so that you can feel relaxed and enjoy the drive. The other tat you should consider before thinking about tipping limo drivers is how the journey was generally. Were you able to trust him enough that he will get you home safely or were you just praying that you get home safe. There are some drivers who are very reckless with their driving and they will drive while abusing other drivers on the road or cutting some corners sharply that it scares you. Did they know the area god enough that it did not take you long to reach to reach where you were going because they were taking shortcuts? You should not be worried by anything in you are in the hands of a competent driver. The journey should be very comfortable.

If you happen not to like the services of the driver that you were given, feel free to contact the Toronto limo company and let them know what you did not like. They should be able to give you another driver the next time, they always strive to make sure their services are the best and they will go out of their way to make you feel comfortable. But also if you do like him enough, then also let the company know about his good services. There is no standard fee that is set for tipping limo drivers. The service that you get should guide you on ho to do it.

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