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Facts about the Hummer Limo

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The hummer is among the most powerful and interesting vehicles in the world. It does not only come in the normal cars models there is also the hummer limousine. The hummer limousine is a very luxurious car. Among the most interesting hummer limo facts is that the army of USA created it. It was first introduced in the market in the 1990s. The popularity of the limo hummer has really grown over the years. This car is mostly used when people want a ride in a luxurious car for different special occasions.

Another interesting Toronto hummer limo fact is that the hummer limo is available in two different types. The two different types are the H2 and the H3. The hummer H3 is smaller then the hummer H2. So this means that the hummer H2 can accommodate more people and it has a lot of space that the H3. When you get a chance to ride in the H2, you will get to enjoy and have a great time and you will be feeling as if you are in your own world. It has so many features and that is why it is considered to be among the best vehicles in the industry. It can accommodate 20 passengers comfortably and it is available in different colors like black, silver, white pink and yellow. This is why you get a chance to pick a color according to the occasion that you have.

The Toronto hummer limo has some very interesting features which include having a number of flat screen TVs, laser lights, CD and DVD players, it has dancing opera lights and mirrored ceilings and many more other features. An interesting hummer limo fact is that that some of the features that are available with it, are not available in any other limo model. In order to ensure that the customers get all the privacy that they want, they windows are all blacked out. A private screen separates them from the driver. The god thing about the backed out windows is that passengers can see what is outside but a person from outside cannot see what is happening on the inside.

Another hummer limo in Toronto fact is that it has an intercom, which enables the passengers to communicate with the driver easily. It also has a heating system that is touch screen and it is easy to control it and change it according to the temperature that you like. The heating system is very important as it enables the passengers during the summer time to have cooler temperatures while riding on the car and when it is cold, they are able to adjust the temperature so that they do not freeze. The most important hummer limo fact is that it has a raised roof. This raised roof enables the passengers to have enough headroom so that they can travel comfortably. It has two fully stocked bars one at the back and the other at the front. With the two bars, you are able to enjoy the ride while sipping on what you want.

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