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Interesting Facts about the SUV Limo

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Regardless of your destination, if you want to want to experience a luxurious drive then you should definitely think about hiring a limo. You will always be assured of having a good time anytime you ride in a limo. The best thing about limos is that there is so much to choose from in regards to models, the different colors, shapes and sizes of the limo and you are required to make a choice according to what you want and for what occasion. One of the best models found in the market today is the SUV limo. There are some very interesting SUV limo facts like it is a favorite car to many because it is very sleek and it is the most widely used limo.

Some other Toronto SUV limo facts are it is among the few cars in the industry to cause a very big stir when it was introduced. It brought another whole new trend into the car industry. The limos that were first introduced in to the market had a stretch limit of about 120 inches only. And although there were some other car manufacturing companies that wanted to stretch them a little bit more that 120 inches, the safety regulations standards that were set in the late nineties required them not to be more than 120 inches long. What this meant was, the limo could only carry ten passengers who had an average weight of 75 kgs each. This became very limiting and there was need for more space with the limo.

Another SUV limo in Toronto fact is that it was introduced by the car industry to be able to satisfy the growing needs of clients. The SUV model has a lot of space to sit more that 10 people comfortably. It also has state of the art amenities like plasma TV and even fireplaces. The SUV limo introduced a whole new level of excitement into the car industry. It is manufactured by two companies that are known for their quality work in producing cars which is the GM and Ford platform companies. The most popular model that is used in weddings, parties, and prom nights out of town and business meetings is the Lincoln navigator.

One of the most important Toronto SUV limo facts is that it is a car that has a lot of versatility and it is no wonder it is the most used car especially with people who are using it for trips. Another popular model is the Ford Excursion which has a lot of space and very nice interiors. It has a model that is very simple and it is also easy to make upgrades to it like with flat screen TVs, stereo systems and Sony Play stations. This is what ensures that the passengers are always entertained when travelling with it. Another important SUV limo fact is that it is only available in two different sizes which are the 140 inches and the 200 inches stretch. The 140 inches stretch carries 14 passengers while the 200 inches stretch carries 24 passengers. You can be able to find some models that even have laser lights, karaoke machines and even direct TV. This is what makes the limo experiences memorable.

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